Our Power Station Range

Searching for the ultimate power solution during loadshedding? Look no further than our Power Station Range. Tailored for the South African hustle, our stations ensure you're always charged up, even when the grid's down. Explore the best power solutions in South Africa and keep the gees alive with Gizzu!

Our Mini UPS Range

Loadshedding got your gadgets gasping for juice? Say hello to Gizzu's Mini UPS Range. Perfect for your mobile devices, CCTV, VoIP phones, and routers, our Mini UPS has got your back with multiple outputs and smart protection. Dive into uninterrupted power, South African style, and let Gizzu keep your tech ticking!

Our Solar Panel Range

Sun's out and you're still in the dark during loadshedding? Brighten up with Gizzu's Solar Panel Range. Harness the African sun to keep your devices and essentials going strong, even when the grid's playing hide and seek. For a lekker, hassle-free experience, let Gizzu light up your life the solar way!


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The Impact of GIZZU Power Solutions on South African Schools

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Load shedding causes challenges in the daily lives of South Africans, affecting routines and essential services. Despite these difficulties, Gizzu offers affordable solutions for those seeking reliability and continuous power when load shedding hits

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About Gizzu

We are Gizzu, the technology brand that has fun solving real world problems! We're the masters of manufacturing dependable, innovative products that'll have you grinning ear-to-ear. From accessories that keep you connected, to power solutions that'll keep you protected; we've got you covered. 

Our secret sauce? Crash testing our gear like it's preparing for an African safari. So, whether you're streaming your favourite shows or decking out your connected home, Gizzu's got your back with unrivalled reliability. Stay powered up, stay entertained, stay Gizzu!

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Gizzu is committed to providing high-quality products that offer excellent performance and convenience in use. With a focus on reliability and innovation, Gizzu produces an extensive range of electronic accessories designed to enhance your digital lifestyle.

From power stations and rechargeable light bulbs to cables and UPS systems, Gizzu offers everything you need to stay connected at home or on-the-go. Our products are carefully crafted with perfected ergonomics and sleek design elements that make them both functional and stylish.

Whether you're looking for reliable charging solutions or dependable backup power supplies, Gizzu has got you covered. Our products are available from numerous resellers across the country so upgrading your tech set-up is simple – just choose the product that suits your needs!