Keep the Lights on With Gizzu

Thanks to load shedding, many of us spend our evenings in the dark.  While emergency lights exist, they often fail to provide sustainable and long-lasting solutions. The Gizzu emergency lights, however, provide up to five hours of light depending on the brightness level. 

There are three emergency lights in the Gizzu range to choose from. The Gizzu Everglow Rechargeable Emergency Bayonett, Screw-in, and Downlight bulb all have a warm white light and are easy and safe to use.  

They each have different adaptors making them suitable for different light fixtures.  

To charge the lights, leave them switched on during the day when the power is on. When load shedding occurs and the power goes out, the emergency feature in the light bulb will automatically activate. They will change colour from a warm white light to a cool white light, indicating the loss of power. 

Each bulb features three brightness levels: 25%, 50%, and 100%. To alternate between the different levels, you switch the light on and off in one-second intervals.  

Gizzu Everglow Rechargeable Warm-White Emergency LED Bulb – Bayonett  

Gizzu Everglow Rechargeable Warm-White Emergency LED Bulb - Downlight Bulb  

Gizzu Everglow Rechargeable Warm White Emergency LED Bulb - Screw-in  

If you need a lighting solution for when you do not have access to power, the Gizzu 10W Solar Lighting Kit is a valuable solution. The Gizzu lighting kit is a fully off-the-grid power solution. It includes a compact solar panel, three 2W LED lamps and a solar panel battery unit.  

This compact portable solar panel allows you to take it anywhere. The Gizzu Solar Lighting Kit stores energy to power the three LED lamps, as well as charge a mobile device. The solar panel powers the battery to last up to five hours, in order to keep the lights on for eight hours.  

   Gizzu Solar Lighting Kit  
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