The Impact of GIZZU Power Solutions on South African Schools

Hey there, future leaders and innovators! Have you heard about the Back on Track program by the Western Cape Education Department? It's an initiative aimed at countering the learning losses caused by COVID-19. They use a mix of traditional and digital teaching methods to help students catch up. Syntech being one of the partners, plays a key role in solving power issues during after-school and weekend sessions. We recently spoke with Andre Pietersen from WCED to learn more about how the Gizzu power unit is making a difference.

Ever wondered why having a reliable power solution is crucial for schools? Picture this: you're in the middle of an engaging lesson, and suddenly, the lights flicker off. Not ideal, right? That's where GIZZU Power Solutions step in, ensuring that initiatives like the 'Back on Track' program can continue without interruption.

In a country prone to power challenges, particularly with load shedding, finding a resilient solution was imperative. Gizzu units underwent rigorous testing and emerged triumphant, providing uninterrupted power precisely when it was most needed.

But what about during those inevitable power outages? Gizzu offers a range of units that can withstand even the toughest load shedding scenarios. Check out some of the heroes:

  • GIZZU CHARGING TROLLEY 36BAY AC POWER SOCKET:  The Gizzu 36 Bay Storage Charging Trolley is designed to protect, store, charge, or transport your laptops. Featuring a sturdy steel construction with 4-inch wheels for portability, the charging trolley is strong enough to handle up to 36 laptops. These units are perfect for charging multiple laptops at once making it convenient during those times of uncertainty. 

Would we recommend Syntech's Gizzu Power Solutions to other schools? Absolutely! These solutions empower educators and students alike to scale new heights of learning and achievement. Introducing the Gizzu Power Solutions to schools wasn't without its unique challenges, but rather than viewing it as a setback, we turned it into an opportunity to showcase the resilience and reliability of our solution. The response from schools was overwhelmingly positive, and the rest, as they say, is history.

And there you have it - the electrifying narrative of how Syntech's Gizzu Power Solutions are illuminating South African schools and paving the way for a brighter future. Here's to power, progress, and limitless possibilities!

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