New portable power stations from Gizzu launched in South Africa - Get yours now

New portable power stations from Gizzu launched in South Africa – Get yours now
Gizzu has launched its 2nd-gen portable power stations, helping South Africans overcome the everyday challenges of load-shedding.

These portable power stations are equipped with larger batteries that will keep more of your appliances and devices powered for longer, compared to previous units.

Gizzu’s new power stations come at an important time, as load-shedding shows no sign of ending.

Additionally, for many property owners and renters, solving the challenges of load-shedding with an inverter and solar installation is too expensive – making Gizzu’s new power station range the affordable, portable, and easy-to-use option.

Ease of use

Gizzu’s portable power stations can be moved around your home to wherever they are needed – or even taken with you on trips.

They are also safer and much easier to use than an inverter system thanks to their straightforward plug-and-play design.

The trade-off of having a portable power station, however, is usually reduced capacity and output. Gizzu knows this, and is changing the game by delivering up to a massive 3,840Wh capacity and outputs of up to 3,600W in its new power stations.

Use Gizzu’s Runtime Calculator to work out how much power you need.

These loads are handled seamlessly by high-quality LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries – which are safer and longer-lasting than lithium-ion batteries.

Scalability and compatibility

Gizzu’s easy-to-use power stations can power many different devices thanks to their extensive range of ports – including USB Type-A, USB Type-C, AC, DC, and a car socket.

Such versatility, combined with their excellent portability, makes it easy to use several Gizzu power stations around your home.

You can, for example, buy a Gizzu portable power station to power your TV, DStv decoder, Wi-Fi, and lights in your lounge.

At a later date, you can buy a second power station for your home office that powers your desktop computer and printer.

This differs from an inverter-and-solar system that will strictly limit you by the size of your inverter – forcing you to replace your entire inverter if you want to increase the power you can draw.

Built for South Africa

Gizzu’s new power stations are custom-built for South Africans and all have recharge times of about two hours.

This is the shortest break between power outages you will experience – even with Stage 6 and higher load-shedding schedules – meaning you will never be caught with an uncharged power station.

Gizzu’s power stations are also rigorously tested to withstand the country’s harsh and frequent power cuts while always remaining plugged in, and offer a seamless 10ms switchover time.

The result is that your devices run smoothly when load-shedding hits.

Gizzu also includes a free voltage protector with all of its 2nd-gen Hero and Challenger series power stations to deliver further protection when the power comes back on.

We unpack the benefits of each power station below.
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