Gizzu Portable Power Stations return for a sequel

Gizzu Portable Power Stations return for a sequel
Gizzu has pioneered the mythical “third option” for South Africans looking to survive loadshedding. For years the only options were petrol/diesel generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), which both came with massive downsides. The generators required constant and expensive fuel, while the UPS option was great at the start, but the batteries of the time simply could not handle the high number of cycles that Eskom puts us through, resulting in working UPS units with a sea of dead batteries.

Gizzu and its Portable Power Stations broke the mould with modern battery technology that allowed its third option to run for much longer, all while retaining the titular portability that gave South Africans endless options at home and at work, all while leaving camping and off the grid living on the table too.

Now Gizzu has returned with a second generation of the Portable Power Stations in its Hero and Challenger lines, which are available right now directly from the Gizzu website itself, or from South Africa’s favourite online retailer, Takealot.
Just like movies, games and music, Gizzu had to do something fantastic to justify a sequel, and it has done just that in the second-generation in the Hero and Challenger families. The upgraded LiFePO4 batteries continue and improve upon the rock solid reliability and longevity of Gizzu battery technology.

This is in addition to faster charging of the Portable Power Stations (an estimated two hours across the new lineup) and endless hours of testing from Gizzu. There’s a reason that this company has done so much work in the South African space, and why you can find the familiar SA three prong plug on all these options – Gizzu knows the local market and has created these machines for it.

With that in mind let’s look at the new contenders and see what they can do. 

Gizzu Hero Core 512Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station – R9 999 (RRP)

New to Portable Power Station life? Want something to keep all your mobile devices at 100 percent even through multiple 4.5 hour loadshedding schedules? Does your apartment or small business need one machine that does it all?

The Hero Core 512Wh is the perfect choice for those who want a single solution to power just about anything while still remaining compact. You may be shocked by just how small these Portable Power Stations are, and how much use you get out of them each and every time the power goes off. For example, staying connected during loadshedding is essential, and the Hero Core 512Wh can power a 5W router for 81.9 hours – that’s almost three and a half days of constant use!

Gizzu Challenger Pro 1120Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station – R14 999 (RRP)

Need more oomph? Look at the larger capacity Gizzu Challenger Pro 1120Wh with its bigger battery life and rugged exterior. Made for the outages, the outdoors and outside living, this Portable Power Station is packed with features you’ll love, such as the large LED flashlight on the front. While most of the Gizzu Portable Power Stations have some built-in lighting, the Challenger Pro 1120Wh increases the size of this fixture for an easier time outdoors, or to make plugging in devices that much easier at home or the office.

If you look at Portable Power Stations like supercharged battery banks that you keep for your phone or tablet, it really puts into perspective just how much capacity these devices have. The Challenger Pro 1120Wh can recharge a 3 500mAh phone 75 times, or a 7 000mAh tablet 27 times. 

Gizzu Hero Pro 2048Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station – R26 999 (RRP)

Professional in name and in practice, the Gizzu Hero Pro really ups the ante in capacity and features. This kind of Portable Power Station really changes your perception of what you can run during loadshedding, such as a 1 800W air fryer or 1 800W hair dryer, both for just under one hour. These super high draw appliances have, in the past, simply been unusable once the lights go out, but the higher capacity Gizzu Portable Power Stations finally give you an option.

Even high draw tools can be run off of the Hero Pro 2048Wh. An 850W electric drill can be used for up to 1.9 hours, or a 1 200W circular saw for 1.4 hours. While we’ve seen time and again how the Portable Power Stations are great for the home, work, camping and off-grid living, you can also add worksites to the list of places where they are not only handy, but essential.

Gizzu Portable Power Stations can, of course, be recharged from the wall when loadshedding isn’t in effect, but don’t overlook the solar panel or car charging options. The last of those options make Portable Power Stations like the Hero Pro 2048Wh the ideal choice to keep in the work bakkie or van, powering up between jobs to continue the grind when you arrive at the next job. 

Gizzu Hero Ultra 3840Wh LiFePO4 UPS Portable Power Station – R49 999 (RRP)

Even if you have only a passing interest in technology, you may have read that “Moore’s Law is dead” in several headlines. Moore’s Law, an idea that computing power would double every two years, has become unattainable as manufacturers reach the peak of what is possible with the current methodology of our time.

Because of this we have seen the makers of computer CPUs and graphics cards take a different approach to increasing performance: raw power. Instead of optimisation and miniaturisation, these companies have seen it fit to simply increase the size and power consumption of these components to get desired performance bumps at the detriment of efficiency and price.

Just a few short years ago it was unthinkable for a regula high end PC – for gaming, design, engineering or any other application – to use 800W, but now that has become a reality.

Equally unthinkable is running this kind of hardware on a Portable Power Station, but Gizzu has done it with the Hero Ultra 3840Wh. The beast machines sucking in 800W can be powered on the Hero Ultra 3840Wh for around 3.8 hours, a feat that is as impressive as it is ludicrous. This is what you can expect from the top of a line contender like the Hero Ultra 3840Wh. 
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